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Company Values
Strength is invaluable in realizing the company's vision.

Implementing company values consistently and by discipline through individual’s awareness is our invaluable values to realize the vision of company.


A behavior reflecting a correspondency between mind, utterence and action.

  1. Utter and Act Honestly with nothing to hide
  2. Take upon to report any fraudulence and wrongdoing based on the data and facts.
  3. Act consistently by words.
  4. Work earnestly.
  5. Work responsibly as a worship.

  1. Commit acts that harm the company.
  2. Misuse corporate assets and authorities for personal interest.
  3. Be easily to shift ground and break own words.
  4. Take or receive gift/bribe/gratification from other parties beyond the procedures.
  5. Work lazily and at will regardless the rules and orders of superior.


Ready to carry out tasks in accordance with capabilities and knowledge with full of responsibility and creativity.

  1. Dare to act correctly, accurately and fast in favor of the company.
  2. Carry out task thoroughly with full responsibility.
  3. Always improve competency and knowledge.
  4. Think creatively and present innovative ideas.
  5. Work effectively and efficiently to manage the time.

  1. Be lazy and delay task accomplishment.
  2. Allow old conditions to keep going on and reluctant to produce creative new conditions.
  3. Be averse to adaptation to competency and skill in line with the advancement technology.
  4. Ignore any existing regulations and procedures.
  5. Be easily satisfied and pleased with existing achievement

Focus On Consumer

Prioritizing the satisfaction and fulfillment of the needs of all customers as expected.

  1. Be attentive and responsive to complaints and customer needs.
  2. Reduce unnecessary bureaucracy.
  3. Swiftly provide solutions and anticipate potential issues.
  4. Maintain good relations with customer (maintaining networking).
  5. Next process is our customer.

  1. Respond customers indifferently with no respect.
  2. Be convoluted and delay service responses.
  3. Allow customer to wait without service.
  4. Blame the customer for the complaints delivered.
  5. Ignore customer potential as business sustainability factor.


Obey the rules and management, keep the harmony between employees with leadership to preserve the values and global vision.

  1. Prioritize to the company interest over personal, group and class interest.
  2. Obey existing Regulations and Procedures and implement them consistently.
  3. Obey the company’s leadership and executive management line.
  4. Maintain confidentiality and company good image with full of responsibility.
  5. Revere the honor and values of the company.

  1. Be selfish and seek advantage for personal and group interest.
  2. Disclose company’s secret.
  3. Intentionally discredit the company’s good reputation or do amoral conducts.
  4. Steal, use or destruct the company’s assets.
  5. Disperse negative issues causing conflicts in the company.


Good Prejudice

Always be with positive perspective in responding everything.

  1. Prioritize trust principle.
  2. Willingly listen to opinion objectively and entirely.
  3. Be emphatic when interacting with others.
  4. Position ourselves to fully understand before coming to an opinion.

  1. Easily suspect and have negative presupposition before the facts.
  2. Underestimate others for groundless assumption.
  3. Judge with no facts and do believe in one side only.
  4. Respond any things with bad prejudice and focus on negative matters.
  5. Easily give up against challenge, hard condition and changing situation.