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Management Trainee Program

Management Trainee Program is aimed at Human Resource Development program for prospective employees for 9 months aims to prepare excellent and competent workforce in each field and future leader cadres of the company.


You will be positioned in the unit of work that suits your educational background and the company needs, where you can give significant contribution to our business development directly. We will also provide an opportunity for you to improve skills, competency, and knowledge required. To assist you carrying out works, briefing and guidance will be given directly from the experts, management staffs and competent instructors in each respective field, which are:

A. Class Room

You will be given any information about company and main activities includes: 
  1. Company Introduction covers: Introduction of Vision & Mission, Corporate Culture, and various company’s management systems and corporate policies.
  2. Introduction of Process, Operation, and Plant Maintenance.
  3. Material Deepening based on the placement of each unit of work.

B. Mental and Physical Guidance

You will be given guidance of mental and physical to having personality and body healthy, morals commendable and responsible.

C. On The Job Training

You will be rotated in any units of work based on your expertise to know the business process, function and jobs in each unit of work, which aims to give broader perspective and expand your knowledge.

D. Presentation

You are about to analyze and make any suggestions related to the perfection of each unit of work based on your expertise, and then present it to panelists and other candidates (particularly for prospective employees of Diploma Degree and Bachelor Degree).

During the program, you will be assessed to get a Career Development based on individual competency, and corporate organization needs. We will manage your career and competency development through a variety of comprehensive competency-based Human Resource Management tools we have.